Amsterdam 1.200 m2
Commercial Sep. 2023

Wereldhave ‘De Krakeling’ Amsterdam

Proud to present our interior design for the renovation project ‘De Krakeling’ that was beautifully restored and transformed by Hans Kodde. 

Our client Wereldhave was keen on doing office in their own way, off the beaten track, and was charmed by the monumental character of this building from 1888. which was originally built as a gym. Our aim was to both respect the monumental details and appearance, and the main concept as created by Kodde. The use of such a building as a working environment fits perfectly in our Habitoor concept, that embraces a workspace as a part of the living environment, rather than a cold and stacked location outside the city.

Our collaboration with Branding Office Furniture went smooth and together we have selected furniture and fabrics that create a sense comfort, invitation, and warmth. A true home away from home for the people of Wereldhave.

Design team: Casper Schwarz, Elaine Keet, Maartje Moleman