Meet Casper Schwarz:

Founder-owner interior architect


Casper Schwarz – Dutch, born 1971 – is the founder-owner of this creative interior design studio. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine and Applied Arts he has developed his design skills at the studios of Andrea Branzi, Michele Delucchi and Denis Santachiara in Milano Italy. It may have been there that he got aware of his sensitive approach to architecture above the sober and technical way that most Dutch architects tend to choose. The human perspective is an aspect that keeps defining his design directions. After these Milanese Master experiences, he continued to develop his architectural knowledge at several studios in Amsterdam. In 2006 he got in touch with Ms. Trude Hooykaas, one of the ‘grand ladies’ of the Dutch interior project market at that time. Working in her studio was the right place at the right time. She gave him all the space and opportunity to become a project leading interior architect.  With A-class clients as KPMG,  Houthoff Buruma and the Ministry of OC&W. After 8 years Casper Schwarz decided to found a new interior design studio. His aim was to create a design team that is flexible, open-minded and rather client than architecture focused. He was done with the feeling that most architects create designs to impress other architects instead of truly fulfilling the clients’ wishes. Architecture is about the human usability of a space and not about the cold and abstract language that has dominated architectural publications for many decennia. Interior architecture, even more, should bring warmth, comfort, and usability. Making it look amazingly beautiful is an important but additional task for the designers.

Casper Schwarz Architects was founded in 2006. Since then, more than a hundred clients have consulted this Dutch-based studio for challenging projects. Casper Schwarz formed a creative and skilled team with an eye for human aspects of interior design. We are involved and dedicated to our clients and the end-users of our designs. Our key features are ‘creative, communicative, cooperative and consistent’. High-end 3d software and a thorough knowledge of the tender and construction processes makes us a strong and reliable project partner in every sense.

The CSA design language is evolving permanently in several directions. Next to the human, environmental and workspace related aspects, Casper Schwarz has a growing interest in the refinement of interior design. He concluded that there is a remarkable difference in aged buildings before and after Modernism has arrived in the early 20th century. Casper Schwarz: “If we look at the charm of old houses or premises, we all love its atmosphere, its storytelling materials, its semi-ruined decorations, the elegant shapes and craftsmanship inheritances. Even if the spaces are empty, they are beautiful and a pleasure to be in. Compare that to the hollowness of the modernism blocky constructions. In empty or deserted state they feel awful. Like a place where you can turn mad if you stay there too long. If you look around you and compare pre-1930 buildings to what is built since then, most of the modern constructions have actually made cities just harder places. Less beautiful, less sophisticated, less human. In interiors, we have seen that too, but fortunately, that has turned around. Interior design is nowadays very human orientated and that is a great thing. Slowly architecture is getting there too. We are now seeking for the next step in interior design, to bring the sparkle back! What used to be the extra refinement, the final layer of beauty, the touch only an architect or artist could add, has been lost for many decades. Our aim is to bring that back. An inviting, human, embracing, energizing and sparkling interior design. A workspace to live in, to enjoy and to excel in. Old and new values can perfectly melt together and as ways of working keep evolving, we keep evaluating and refreshing our ideas. Designing is challenging ourselves, our clients and human habits.


Casper Schwarz is a Dutch-based studio but available for projects in any country around the globe. Our team has language skills in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. Feel free to contact us!


Key features of the Casper Schwarz Architects Team:


  • Teamwork focus, communicative in every way (verbal and visual)
  • State of the art 3d visualizations, an actual look&feel involvement of the client
  • The right balance between expert role and consultant, open to clients ideas and deviant opinions
  • Refreshing eye on the latest developments in the furniture market, of the beaten tracks
  • ‘Going the extra mile’ within the budget boundaries
  • Making the difference translating clients strategy into a workable and energizing workspace
  • Smooth cooperation with the project team and involved consultants
  • High-quality output for tendering and construction
  • Flexible, sufficient and experienced
  • Planning and budget related design process and control