: Unibail Rodamco Westfield
: URW 

Stadshart Amstelveen 1800 m2
Retail 2024

Unibail Rodamco Westfield

One can imagine that if the owner of the Mall of The Netherlands, wit countless high-end  shop designs, requests for an interior design of their own workspaces, there is a challenge ahead. Even more, when they wish for an interior design that is unique and memorable, to show new prospects what URW  can bring. To inspire them and make them think beyond the obvious.

Given the fact that the premises is an every day  office building with no architectural character, we had to push our boundaries to make that happen. The inspiration came from a dia-chrome sample we had in our studio, that made us realize that softness could be the way to go to make something out of the ordinary. As if when entering the floor, you are entering a cloud. A dreamy context, without losing a sense of awareness. It is a workspace after all.


The balance between the pastel tints and the color blocking worked out really well. The Feltic Lights by AMB take the office floors to a whole different level, and the selection of fabrics, furnishing and mirroring surfaces work really well together.

Design team: Casper Schwarz, Lisan Geerts, Ilse Groot