: NGTI Central Post
Rotterdam 1500 m2
Commercial November 2015

Ngti Central Post

This project was all about cooperating with the end-users. As NGTI’s employees are software programmers, they have their own style of working and living. At the start we asked them what was the most important thing about their workspace. They answered that they work anywhere. Where and when they want. So the office had to become anywhere, to not interrupt their daily life. What we created, in close cooperation with the users, was a space that is usable as a part of life. Besides work desks, there is a living room, a gaming corner, a bar and a pool table, an open kitchen, a gym and diverse types of meeting rooms, open and closed providing all types communication facilities.

The cooperation with the users led to a surprising result. Not only did the CEO aim for an impressive representative entrance (the void with the stairs), but also the users were really looking for a very neat and organized place. They wanted to have a clean feeling everywhere, to keep it flexible in use but also to have an easy focus on their work. Along with the pool table,  table tennis, game corner and gym came a spacious , light and easy to maintain work environment evolved. Up to today the place looks as if they went in just yesterday. It has become a part of their life patterns and maybe it is the place where they feel peaceful as it is a stable base in all  their  freedom.

Interior Architect: Casper Schwarz i.s.m. Gentle People
Photography: Peter Baas