: DVDW The Hague

The Monarch 1200 m2
Legal 2019

DVDW Law The Hague

For years DVDW Law has worked in a typical The Hague style villa close to Noordeinde. The organization was divided over three floor levels and classic room layouts. It is time for a change and DVDW decided to rent spaces in the Monarch Tower, a design by MVSA Architects. Casper Schwarz Architects was chosen to design the interior concept for DVDW new style. We managed to create all work zones on one level, providing connectivity among the partners and employees. On the other level, the lunch area is designed as an informal café-like ‘all day use’ space, reachable by a spiral staircase in the corner void. More private is the client-dedicated area, with colorful meeting rooms and its own lounge corner. The images showed are the final design 3D renders. Photos will be published after construction.



Interior Architect: Casper Schwarz and Amy Wanders
Contractor: Smeulders Interieurgroep
Project management: 2Built
Photography: Peter Baas