Introducing your Habitoor, the new home base of your organization. Now that your employees have shown they can take their responsibilities outside of the office, you can give them the freedom to work where and when they want. At home, at restaurants, at libraries, at Zoku, Spaces, Wework or any other available location. Integrating life and work naturally. And that´s why a Habitoor is of paramount importance to your company’s future. The mothership, the binding element, the clubhouse. A magnetic place where your people feel truly connected. On a great location, with great looks, and a great vibe. Here is a selection of available properties in the city of Amsterdam. They provide the perfect grounds for your new Habitoor. S, M, L or XL, depending on your company’s size. Grab your chance and hook-up with our team to build your future, now. 


All properties are found on – for any information about the properties contact the mentioned estate agents

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Kerkstraat 303 A1017 GZ Amsterdam

200m2 HABITOOR Small  5-star location

Herengracht 180 H 1016 BR Amsterdam

232m2 HABITOOR Small 5-star location

NDSM-plein 32 -10 1033 WB Amsterdam

369m2 HABITOOR Medium 5-star location

Kerkstraat 126 1017 GP Amsterdam

740m2 HABITOOR Medium  5-star location

Bloemgracht 98 1015 TN Amsterdam

500m2 HABITOOR Medium  5-star location

Achtergracht 4-22 1017 WP Amsterdam

644m2 HABITOOR Medium  5-star location

Rijnlandlaan 3 1062 MX Amsterdam

2.000m2 HABITOOR Large

Sarphatistraat 8-14 1017 WS Amsterdam

2.064m2 HABITOOR Large 5-star location

Achtergracht 4-22 1017 WP Amsterdam

3.425 m2 HABITOOR XLarge 5-star location