We are very honored to have won the International Interior Design Gold Winner APR Award for our Red Bull Amsterdam project. Category “Workplace design”. Many thanks to the Red Bull Amsterdam team for the great collaboration and for providing us with the opportunity to create this innovative and sustainable Habitoor hybrid workspace!

Workplace synergy is key for Red Bull’s success. Red Bull NL has chosen a location at the Amsterdam harbors, in the middle of the roughness that suits outdoor sports.  On the inside, the requirements were ´ a comfortable and well-thought-out interior, combined with the typical Red Bull DNA´. The deep spaces have wide views over the harbor on both sides.  One enters the Red Bull floors in the social heart. Besides working, meeting, gaming, eating, drinking, and creating, there is space for parties, town hall meetings, film productions, and other events. It’s an open space, separated by an acoustic wall from the quiet areas, consultation areas, focus rooms, and edit suits. To make the other floor level part of this synergy, a void and staircase have been created.

Sustainability: The building is located in the middle of the harbor area. For the deep and open floors, we looked for a solution to prevent the work desks from being visually dominant. We created stretched boxes from demolished ship hulls, to which the work desks are attached like “wings”. They include plants and cabling. Many elements in the interior are made of re-used materials: Table tops from former wall panels, the bar and stairs are made of train wagon floor planks,  The half pipes are made of glass pearl foam, lamps and some furniture items are made of sports gear of Red Bull athletes.

Red Bull has a human culture, both internal and external. And the interior is designed in that fashion: Warmth, lightness, comfort, freedom. Complemented with Red Bull creativity: an exhibition of murals,  furniture made of kiteboards, concrete half-pipes, a DJ booth, dirt bikes, Alpha Tauri clothing’s and of course Formula 1 attributes.

The workspaces radiate the energy that suits this global brand. Even though the inside spaces are deep and wide, if you were to sit here alone for a day, you would still feel at home. Literally “A home away from home”. For every employee of visitor, it is easy to find your preferred spot and workflow. A place for togetherness, creativity and professionalism. An office that is not an office, but an inspiring part of the living environment.