Have you heard about the Habitoor concept – the natural working environment – but are you wondering what it really is? Jump aboard and subscribe now for a free online knowledge sharing session! Our international team will explain how this is the moment for your organization to step forward and create a new home base for your employees. An open-minded and creative session that will open your eyes and provide clear tools to define your new housing strategies. Don’t hesitate and subscribe below to one of the sessions in NL (Dutch), UK (ENG), or Australia (ENG). Only 20 subscriptions per session so don’t wait.

Meet our Habitoor development team:

Subscriptions are open to the following titles: CEO, CFO, HRM, FM, PM etc.

Habitoor Session 4: UK (ENG) Thursday 23/7 11.00h AM BST

11 + 10 =

Habitoor Session 5: Australia (ENG) Wednesday 05/8 at 4pm AEST

7 + 15 =

Habitoor Session 6: Australia (ENG) Wednesday 19/8 at 4 PM AEST

3 + 14 =