Casper Schwarz Lecture At Helsinki Design Week

During the Helsinki Design Week, Casper Schwarz held a presentation about the development of Activity Based Office design, at the showroom of organizer Martela:

There are many interpretations of the phrase “Activity Based Office”. Sometimes when people hear it they think, “I’m going to have to spend more time working from home and there will be ‘lazy’ seats next to my desk…” In fact, the concept of the Activity Based Office is the opposite of people working at home. It’s about designing and creating workspaces that help people work more efficiently and effectively, with better communication and greater diversity in their work processes.

When we design a new work space, we always consider the core issues. It has to be functional – it needs to make sense so people will use it logically. It has to be convenient – there’s no point in making life harder for people. And it has to be very inviting, so people just want to use it.

Concept development begins with brainstorm sessions with the client to establish what will be really functional for their organisation. Employees should have a voice, but you will have to manage the process carefully. The final outcome should always be a result of teamwork with the client.

This process considers more than just the work space: it includes factors such as catering, internal workflows and office location. The quality of design elements such as furniture and lighting is very important – it helps people understand that their employer wants the best for them as an employee.

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